Garden Wall

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 A fence can be an important element to a home. It can set the tone for your entire landscaping theme, it can protect your home, build privacy in residential areas, or just bring an element of design to the garden.

In the front yard, it can be the first impression someone gets of your home. That is why it is important to pick the right fence for you, your yard, and your home.

There are countless fences styles made from all kinds of materials, including iron, steel, vinyl, glass, and wood.

Wooden fences are the most widely used, and a classic direction for fences. This is why wooden fences come in the widest variety of styles. Wooden fences can serve a myriad of purposes as well. From outlining a flower bed to enclosing a pool, or providing privacy and security to your home and yard.

The Products used

  • Pine 30 pieces 20x40x3.00 
  • Pine 30 pieces 20x40x5.00
  • Pine 15 pieces 20x40x5.00
  • Pine 24 pieces 45x45x2.50
  • Pine 15 pieces 45x45x1.00

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